Friday, 5 December 2008

Fedora 10 and MingW

I upgraded to Fedora 10 a few days after it came out. This looks like the best Fedora release ever. Upgrade went very well and the few issues I used to run into with Fedora 9 (sound, mostly) have vanished.
Plymouth, the tweaked boot process works like a charm on my Macbook Pro, which surprises me since I thought anything other than ATI chipsets got a text based boot.

One thing I am especially excited about is the integration of MingW for cross-compiling. Right now, it's not officially supported but it's enabled me to port the bulk of Pinot's source code over to Windows without having to jump through the many hoops that installing Windows+compiler+dependencies would have involved. I love the idea of compiling for Windows without Windows ;-) As a result, Pinot 0.90 will very probably include a beta-quality Windows port.

Congratulations to all Fedora developers !

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