Friday, 6 March 2009

Pinot 0.91 is out

Time for another release. Ideally, this would have come out before the end of February, but the delay was worth it.

This release focuses on two things :
- fixing memory leaks that hit initial indexing badly.
With the help of valgrind and John Werden, several memory leaks were identified and fixed. I also rewrote the HTML filter based on the HTML parser from Xapian Omega after witnessing problems and deciding ripping the filter's guts out would probably save a lot of time.
- improving command-line integration.
Stored queries created with the UI can be run with pinot-search. Similarly, pinot-index can open My Web Pages, My Documents or any other UI-configured index by name. In addition, it can finally deal with relative paths and index local directories recursively. This makes pinot-index a good alternative to omindex.

I have experienced some crashes in the UI when querying OpenSearch-based engines such as IOI, and found that these crashes went away after downgrading libxml2 from 2.7.3 to 2.7.2. I will look into this in more details during the 0.92 cycle.

See the NEWS file for the complete list of changes. Grab the source from the download page or the binaries from your distro's packages repository in a few days time.

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