Friday, 26 June 2009

Pinot 0.94

Long time, no release. Pinot 0.94 is out today and brings :
- changes to the daemon's DBus interface to tell the UI to reopen the index when it has changed on disk.
- a new search filter "inurl" that allows finding files nested in an mbox or an archive at a given URL.
- the ability to view the properties of documents from an external index.
- better MIME type detection, which means fewer calls to external uncompressor programs when dealing with archives and fixes cases where documents nested in them couldn't be open and viewed.
- the ability to index Debian packages.
- fixes to the mbox filter to fully work with GMime 2.4 (now required).
- a whole bunch of other bug fixes.

For the full details, see the NEWS file. Get the source tarball and RPM from the download page.

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