Friday, 13 November 2009

Pinot 0.95

At long last, a new release !
0.95 merges in Antoine Jacoutot's patches for the OpenBSD port, fixes the "path:" query filter and the handling of acronyms.

The search plugin for Bing was updated, while the plugins for Exalead and IOI were removed.
Common historical data operations were optimized, which should speed the daemon up a bit.
If you have gtk2 2.16 or newer, the query text field will have an embedded icon on the right-hand side, similarly to Firefox' search box.

Finally, translations in Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish were updated. Many thanks to the various people who helped with these updates.

The Web site got a lot of visits over the last few months from Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, but unfortunately Pinot hasn't been translated for these countries' languages. If you can help with that, please consider joining Launchpad.

For the full details, see the NEWS file. Get the source from the download page.

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